Vehicle Registration in Monroe County

The Alabama Department of Revenue in Montgomery sets all vehicle values, all title regulations and all other regulations regarding motor vehicle laws. These laws and regulations get their basis from the laws passed by the Alabama legislature. Alabama does not title watercraft or ATV’s.

You must be a resident of Monroe County to have vehicles registered here. You have 20 calendar days from the date of purchase to register your vehicle; failure to do so will result in a $15.00 penalty plus interest. The Motor Vehicle department accepts the following methods of payment only: cash, check, and money orders.

To register a vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 lbs., or more, a completed Schedule 2290 form (obtainable from the Internal Revenue Service) must be presented at the Motor Vehicle department.

In order to register a 1975 or newer vehicle for the first time, the following is required:

1. TITLE (if a new purchase)

(a) An original title properly executed by the seller to the new owner (new owner must be present) or 
(b) Title application completely filled out to the new owner or
(c)Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (new owner must be present) or
(d) Title in new owners name.When transferring ownership on a title, the purchaser(s) must be present to sign the title application unless they give someone Power of Attorney for them.
(e) If moving from out a state:

  1. Original title, all owners must sign unless a power of attorney is signed and notarized.
  2. Vehicles with a lien require the following: copy of original title, lien holders complete names and mailing addresses.
  3. If vehicle is leased and no lien listed, the original title and a power of attorney is required from leasing company to the lessee. If leased and a lien is shown; a copy of title and power of attorney from the leasing company to the lessee.
  4. At this time the State of Alabama does not accept E-titles.
  5. Anytime the Motor Vehicle department applies for a first time Alabama title on a vehicle, the vehicle will need to be here for inspection.


(a) Cost of vehicle and date of sale
(b) Full description of the vehicle
(c) Complete name and address of the new owner
(d) Trade-in allowance, if any
(e) A breakdown of the sales tax paid. (This is required when purchased from a dealer. It must show the percent and amount of State, County and City tax paid. If all sales tax has not been paid we collect a percentage based on location of residency)

According to Alabama law a vehicle must have a minimum of liability insurance on it before it may be registered. The signature placed upon the registration receipt will indicate that the information shown on the receipt and the vehicle is correct and the vehicle is properly insured. Be prepared to show proof.
This insurance must be Alabama based.

Alabama law requires the owner as listed on the title/registration to provide his/her drivers license or non-driver identification number. Companies registering vehicles are required to provide their federal employer identification number (FEIN).

All vehicles that are 1974 and older require #2, #3 and #4 as shown above.

Should you have additional questions about vehicle registration, please contact our office at 251-743-4107.