Vehicle Tag Renewal in Monroe County

All vehicles in Alabama are personal property. The tax on this property is paid in advance from time of registration until your renewal month.

To Renew a Tag, click HERE.

To expedite tag renewal, Monroe County Residents must provide one of the following items: renewal notice, previous year’s tag registration or tag number. If you are a new Monroe County residents, you should provide proof of residency for Monroe County and one of the following items: renewal notice from the previous Alabama county or previous year’s tag receipt or Alabama title of the vehicle for which registration is needed.

Renewal Schedule

After the vehicle has been registered, the annual renewal month for your tag is as follows:

January A & D
February B
March C & E
April F, G & N
May H & O
June M & I
July P & L
August J, K & R
Septemeber Q, S & T
October U, V, W, X, Y & Z
October/November National Guard, Commercial & Fleet Vehicles

Penalty Schedule

(a) Failure to renew your tag in your renewal month results in $15.00 plus interest penalty.
(b) Failure to transfer a purchased vehicle within 20 calendar days results in a $15.00 penalty.
(c) Failure to register a vehicle within 30 days of an individual moving into the State with a valid out-of state license results in a $15.00 penalty.

Ad Valorem Tax Credit
1. In order to receive a credit, one of the following criteria must be met: selling of a vehicle, trading of a vehicle, total destruction of a vehicle, theft without recovery or other transfer.

Documents to support the above criteria:
(a) Casual sale or trade...affidavit of buyer and address
(b) Sale or trade to license's bill of sale
(c) Theft of from law authority
(d) Lease trade-in...odometer statement
(e) Statement from insurance of company stating date of total loss

2. A check can only be issued to the registered owner and proof of identification must be provided
3. The credit can be applied to pay the ad valorem tax on another vehicle.

Distinctive and Personalized Plates
To view distinctive license plates available through the State of Alabama, visit:

Click on 'License Plate Information' tab to view Specialty, Collegiate, Military, Annual and other License Plates.

Search for and/or reserve a personalized license plate by visiting:

Should you have additional questions about renewing your vehicle tag, please contact our office at 251-743-4107.